Project Critical Reflection

With the completion of my project, I have learnt the importance of service recovery to an organization in increasing revenue and visitorship, as well as the impact on guest satisfaction through an overall positive experience. In the research process, I had an in-depth understanding on how one negative service encounter can change the visitor’s perception of the organisation and their decision to return to the theme park again. In addition, I have learnt the appropriate steps in providing service recovery.

Looking back at the first meeting minutes of our project discussion, my team and I chose “Winning back an angry guest” in a theme park context as our project topic because most of us worked in a theme park for our Polytechnic internship previously. We managed to input our personal experience and realistic examples of the potential situations and guest issues that could happen in a theme park context, as well as how the organization would provide service recovery. It was our pleasure to be able to share insights on positive service delivery to the rest of our course mates.

Overall, the entire process was enjoyable as it is extremely relatable to our experience and I had the opportunity to role-play as an attractions operation crew which was my previous job designation. We even wore USS T-shirt and brought the props from the theme park to make the video look more realistic. However, if there is anything I could change on our project, I wish circumstances were more favourable to us so we could film in Universal Studios Singapore instead of the local amusement park – Uncle Ringo.


One thought on “Project Critical Reflection

  1. Dear Juliette,

    Thank you very much for this well-focused reflection on the research project. Yours is actually the first, and to this point, the only critical reflection post that responded directly to the assigned task. Good for you!

    It’s interesting that your team found that it only takes one very negative service experience to sour a guest’s view of a particular establishment. In your training video, Ray was able to convincingly depict the angry guest, one whose views quickly deteriorated from the bad service. I thought an interesting question at the showcase was related to this: What happens when a customer can’t just simply be bought off with a sweet or a voucher after such a negative experience?

    In any case, I really appreciate your team’s efforts, Juliette and your own very active participation in the project and the module in general.

    All the best as you continue your exciting learning journey!



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